Here you can read how you can become a candidate member of ESU

After successfully submitting an application for membership, the applying national union of students may be granted candidate status at a Board Meeting.

To apply for membership, go to this page: Once the candidate status has been given, the National Union of Students will retain the status for at least a year, during which a study visit is held to confirm that the organisation does fulfil the ESU membership criteria.

Once a study visit is held, the Board Meeting once again votes on whether the national union of student is to:

  • become a member of ESU

  • remain candidate member of ESU for a specified period of time

  • rejected due to non compliance to membership criteria

For more information on the benefits and duties of candidates or on how a study visit should be organised please email and

At the moment, ESU has four candidate members:

SPUM, Montenegro

BOSS, Belarus

LIS, Iceland 

ASM, Moldova - Contact: - Website: