How are students in Europe celebrating the International Students’ Day?

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ISD2012 FEF; VVS, ESU and OBESSU organised a demonstation in Brussels on 17 Nov 2012.

Every year, students all around Europe celebrate the International Day of Students through different actions. This year is no exception and the European Students’ Union (ESU) voices the demands of students at a European level and shows solidarity with national and local unions in relation to specific issues.

However, students do also have their claims at the national level. National unions of students are the ones that make the International Day of Students meaningful and an opportunity for celebration. Each NUS has its national priorities and therefore carries out actions that it deems relevant, without fogetting to express solidarity among each other.

There are various creative ways in which you can celebrate this day.  Follow and join the actions of ESU’s member students’ unions around Europe !

-    Armenia, ANSA. ANSA is organising the Student National Awards. Follow ANSA’s event and find out who will be given the award of student of the year !

-    Austria, ÖH. Join ÖH in their media action and act in their sketch in front of the University of Vienna to demand the right to influence higher education and to demand Student Centred Learning !

-    Belgium, VVS and FEF. This year, the Flemish and the French student unions in Belgium go together to student councils to raise issues for students and education and have debates !

-    Czech Republic, SK RVŠ. For the seventh time in a row, the Student Chamber of the Council of Higher Education Institutions (SK RVŠ) will commemorate this important event by organising a memorial at the place where Jan Opletal was murdered. This is followed by an official memorial attended by the President of the Czech Republic, the Prime Minister, distinguished members of the academic community and the general public. You can see photos of past events organised by SK RVS here

-    Denmark, DSF. Watch the video that DSF prepared urging students to vote at the upcoming local elections, emphasising the importance to participate in the local democracy in order to ensure better student cities around Denmark

-    Lithuania, LSS. The celebrations will last from one day (in Kaunas) to two weeks (in Klaipeda) where students will participate in numerous and creative activities, such as electing a student as a mayor of the city, a flash mob and the election of the best female student, to name a few examples. Get all the information and find out how you can get involved here

-    Read the statement of FEF, UNEF, ÖH, VSS-UNES-USU, fzs, UdU and UNEL and share their claim of more societal responsibility for education.

Do you know about other actions that national unions of students are planning? Send it to us at


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