International Students’ Day Campaign: Speak Up for Your Rights!

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BRUSSELS - With the International Students’ Day Campaign, the European Students’ Union (ESU) wants to create awareness on how students perceive their studies and higher education in times of crisis, when the right to quality education is changing. The International Students’ Day, taking place on 17 November, is seen by ESU as an opportunity to go back to the roots of education and what it stands for, highlighting the perception of the students. 

The idea is that students from all over Europe share the student right they perceive as the most important. Their vision will be shared with the public, decisions makers, governments and students from other countries to highlight the issues students are struggling with by submitting the most important right on the following Facebook page:

ESU will use the ideas that are submitted and convey the message to decision-makers and the public. Moreover: one lucky student will win a trip to participate in an event organised by ESU in 2013. All the submitted contributions will be shown during the gathering that will take place on the 17 of November in Brussels (

17 November, the International Students’ Day, is celebrated in remembrance of the demonstrations by Czech students against the German occupation, which resulted in the killing of Jan Opletal, an aspiring medical student, in 1941. The events of what followed after, with students being jailed, sent to concentration camps and the execution of students and teachers who took part in a demonstration against the shooting, were first commemorated on 17 November 1941 by students in the UK in what became known in Europe as the Students’ Day.