Time for peer learning on the social dimension

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Bologna process The results will be presented in 2014.

The European Students’ Union (ESU) participated in a kick-off meeting of a new project at the beginning of November aimed at facilitating peer learning on the social dimension between countries in the European Higher Education Area. It focuses on collecting information about good practices that promote issues related to the social dimension of higher education as well as conducting peer-reviews on the subject.

Examples of good practices, policy initiatives and researches will be gathered from different levels of policy making and main actors from the countries concerned till the end of the project in 2015. The results of the data collected will be made available online for the public.

New approach

This is a new approach to peer learning processes, as various stakeholders will be given the opportunity to comment on the different practices and initiatives taking place locally, regionally and nationally in the 47 countries. The peer-reviews will enable countries to receive an external assessment on the policies and initiatives they have in place in order to build up their policy making on the social dimension of higher education.

The project’s results will be presented in two conferences in 2014 and finally at the next Bologna Ministerial Conference in 2015. It will also support the work of the Social Dimension and Lifelong Learning Working Group of the Bologna Follow Up Group. ESU is a partner in the project, along with The Higher Education Information System in Germany, Institut für Höhere Studien in Austria and Institute for the Development of Education in Croatia.

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