BM 59: Numerus Clausus for Masters in Switzerland

Until now, Swiss students enjoy the unique situation of having free access to higher education without any Numerus Clausus (NC). This means, that in Switzerland all university students, who finished their Bachelor studies successfully are automatically accepted to enroll in a Master programme without any further admission criteria.

Swiss politicians and educational stakeholders would like to build barriers in between the first and second cycle. The first step should be the implementation of a numerus clausus for foreign students who would like to go through a Masters programme at a Swiss university. This measure, which is heavily discriminating students whose prior learning took place outside Switzerland might lead to a general numerus clausus for all master students in Switzerland.

ESU strongly critiques the tendencies in Switzerland which are endangering Mobility in Europe and which are violating the principle of equal opportunities in higher education. ESU condemns the discrimination of any group of students.