Belarus - Belarus Student Association (BSA)

The BSA is one of the oldest youth organisations in Belarus. It was founded as an anticommunist youth organisation at the end of 80s. The first communities appeared in BSU, BSMU and BSPU. The BSA has taken an active part in daily life of students, planned some actions against ideologisation of education and advocated learning the history of communistic party as compulsory subject.

In 1992 the BSA was officially registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus as the “Republican Youth Public Association “Belarusian Students’ Association”. In 1999 the BSA became a friend of the ESIB (now ESU – the European Students’ Union).

On December 3 2001, the Supreme Court rejected the registration of the BSA because of its campaigns about social problems of students (compulsory job assignment, insufficient study bursary, old textbooks) and the action “Choose!” which called to vote at the presidential elections. The Court didn’t pay attention on applications of 30 European students’ union and human rights organisations as well as the lack of law arguments from Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.


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