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ESU Board Meeting 73 and Board Meeting Seminar

The Board Meeting Seminar and Board Meeting 73 will take place in November/December 2017, in Israel.

The event will be organised by the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) and ESU.

More details and a definitive date will be added in the next months.


The Board Meeting is the highest governing body of ESU, where all the 45 member unions are represented. These meetings are organised every half a year in order to shape ESU’s policies and work. The Board agrees among else on its plan of work, statements, external motions and policy documents. More importantly, it elects members of the Executive Committee to take care of ESU’s daily work and to implement the agreed decisions and policies. Each country is given the value of two votes at these meetings.


ESU Board Meeting 73 and Board Meeting Seminar

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