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Romania – ANOSR – National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania

The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) is the national union of students, non-governmental organization and non-partisan entity which, for more than 16 years, has as main purpose the representation of the common interests of students in Romania, defending and promoting their rights and obligations and stimulating their participation in the educational, social, economic and cultural life.

ANOSR finds its roots in the social student movements from the autumn of 1995, when student leaders felt the lack of a central and efficient coordination. Thus, on April 4 1999, in Timi?oara, at the International Student Week, took place the General Constituent Assembly attended by 28 student organizations from all over the country. ANOSR has acquired legal status in March 2000, by decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, in the context of an obvious opposition from the government. Thus it became the first national union of students in Romania.

ANOSR’s activity is governed by certain values and principles, which guide us on the path of student representation. These principles are: democracy, liberty, legitimacy and representativeness, openness, transparency, non-partisanship, legality, competence, non-violence, unity and continuity.

ANOSR brings together students from 17 cities across the country, from 31 universities, reaching a total of 84 member unions, fighting together to keep alive the voice of the student movement in Romania.

On the national level, ANOSR is member of the Alliance for a Clean Romania and member of the Romanian Youth Council, which in turn is a member of the European Youth Forum and the World Assembly of Youth, which legitimizes ANOSR’s international representativeness. Also the federation is a legitimate representative of students from Romania at European level, being a member with full rights of ESU – European Students’ Union, the only European Structure representing students.

ANOSR represents students from Romania in the Board and Council of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) and the National Council for Higher Education (CNFIS) and is registered in the Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies NGO register.

The activity of ANOSR consists of influencing educational and youth policies in Romania, identifying and formulating the position of students through studies, consultations, analysis and positions. Also, ANOSR is a major actor of the Romanian civil society, being actively involved in Romania’s daily civic issues.

The most important projects of ANOSR are:
•    Bologna in Universities – a series of conferences which aim to inform Romanian students about the most important tools that can be used to improve the quality of higher education, tools that the Bologna Process gives through its main lines of action.
•    Bologna Professor Gala – which is being held each year, is the only campaign in Romania that promotes student-centred learning by rewarding and encouraging “great teachers” who are true models of professionalism and dedication.
•    Summer University for Highschool Students – a project created in partnership with the National Council of Highschool Students, which supports high school students through student life simulation, designed to ensure responsible and informed choices about their academic future.

Among internal projects are included:
•    Next HR, Next PR, Next FR and Next Junior projects, which are focused on professional development in different areas of volunteering in organizations that are members of the federation.
•    Regional trainings of student representation, followed by the National Training of Student Representation designed to prepare students to represent student interests in all decisional structures of universities.
•    General Assembly and The Forum of Student Organizations in Romania (FOSR) are internal events that bring together all student organizations members of the federation, with the purpose of developing through various trainings and establishing the operational direction of ANOSR and by default, of the student movement.

Over time, the work carried out by ANOSR, through consistency and determination, has proved to be successful: the adaptation of Student’s Statute (The code of students’ rights and obligations), the first legislative initiative owned 100% by students, making the largest national student survey (20.000 students in 2011) and the achievement of a petition record “Students for Romania’s future” (more than 10.000 signatures collected in 2013), facilitating the first internal mobility of students from Romania and the development of the first programmatic documents concerning the student movement and its role in the society. Also, as the only legitimate representative of students in Romania at European and global level, ANOSR made the first debate in Romania on Quality in Education and the Bologna Process. Also, over the years, ANOSR has organized many protests against the measures taken by policy makers in education. The latest such movements were the campaign “6 for education” in November 2013, when almost 10.000 students across the country protested in the streets, advocating the importance of funding the educational system and also the occupy movements in April 2015 when students have militated to obtain participation in the election of rectors at a rate of at least 25 % of the total electorate.

Together, we represent the future!

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