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JOINT CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Together, Moving Forward and Seeds for Integration (Round 2)

We are happy to announce that the European Students’ Union (ESU) and the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) are continuing collaboration through their ongoing programmes – Together, moving forward (ESU) and Seeds for integration (OBESSU). Thanks to the financial support of Open Society Foundations, both organisations are implementing the previously mentioned programmes in which they tackle problems such as educational exclusion and segregation of displaced youth (in particular school and university students with refugee and migrant background, internally displaced students and returnees). One segment of both programmes implies cooperation between ESU and OBESSU but also among respective school and university students’ organisations.

What are the goals of this collaboration?

  • To support and empower displaced youth to run their initiatives.
  • To facilitate displaced youth’s access to secondary and tertiary education as well as the transition between the two.
  • To raise awareness to the issues displaced youth encounter studying at schools and universities and to advocate for concrete change.
  • To create synergies between school and university students in advocacy and campaigning.
  • To build long-lasting links between displaced youth’s communities and school and university communities
  • To establish partnerships with different stakeholders active on displaced youth issues
  • To reshape public discourse around displaced youth and confront hate speech in our societies.

Some of the activities that can be part of your project (of course, you can create an activity that is not on this list):

  • Doing a research about Inclusivity of learning environment
  • Organising a campaign in order to increase the number of students who are/were displaced
  • Bringing together students from host communities and those who are/were displaced through different sports events
  • Organising an art-exhibition in order to present the realities of displaced youth’s communities
  • Preparing music/food festival for the local community

What can we offer you?

  • Grant up to the maximum amount of 10.000 Euros
  • Help during the implementation of the project (logistical, expertise)

What are NOT eligible costs?

  • scholarships and student fees
  • buying equipment such as computers or printers / if some equipment is needed, you need to clearly justify
  • human resources costs that exceed 20% of the total budget
  • all other costs that are not directly related to the project implementation

If you are not sure are some costs eligible, contact ESU or OBESSU secretariats to find out using email addresses you can find in the end of this Call.

Who can apply?

The project should be submitted by student-led and student-centered organisations working with secondary school and/or university students:

  • Situation 1: University students’ organisation as main applicant + a secondary school students’ organisation as partner
  • Situation 2: Secondary school students’ organisation as main applicant + university students’ organisation as partner

At least one of the organisations should be a legal entity. That organisation will have the role of applicant and, in case the project proposal is approved, it will sign the contract, receive the grant and be responsible for sending reports to ESU and OBESSU.

We highly encourage our Member Organisations to submit their project proposals.

Who cannot apply?

  • Companies and for-profit organisations
  • Individuals
  • Organisations which are not student-led. Organisations focusing on youth in general will not be eligible.

How can you apply?  

In order to apply you need to fill in the application form and submit it to Please use “Joint partnership” as the title of the email. The application form can be found here.  


  • January 20th 2019 – 23:59 pm CET – deadline for submitting project proposals
  • February 15th 2019 – the date when your project can start at earliest, if approved
  • December 1st 2019 – the date until when all projects should be finished

Ask a question

If you would like to have more information you can contact ESU at or OBESSU at or surf in programmes’ websites.

We are highly encouraging all applicants to send us drafts of their project proposals in order to get the feedback. You can do that by sending an email to previously mentioned email addresses.

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