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Together, Moving Forward

Together, Moving Forward is a small grants programme run by ESU aiming at building positive refugee-host interactions across Europe.

With this programme, ESU is calling upon university students and refugees to work together and get the system “unstuck”. 

Through these actions, we want to be change makers and:

  • Reshape public discourse around refugees and confront hate speech in our societies
  • Encourage and provide strong basis for refugee student participation in our communities
  • Inspire student-led initiatives addressing refugee living conditions and not least their access to education
  • Build capacity for student representatives to be more responsive to issues related to refugee education
  • Empower National Student Unions to promote and advocate for clear policies that ease the access of refugee students to Higher Education
  • Open up to new student groups and create partnerships with different stakeholders active on refugee issues, especially refugee education
  • Build long-lasting links between refugees, their communities, and student communities

To reach these objectives, ESU will distribute smaller and larger grants for local, national and international student-led projects.

Please check our interim report templates here.

We’re always available to give feedback. Write to Francesca, our project manager, at if you have questions or doubts about the application.



Need some inspiration? You can check the projects page while you’re preparing your own application.


Feb, 2017 12

Together, Moving Forward Capacity Building Event

In mid November ESU launched Together, Moving Forward, a call for projects at local, national and international level. Our aim is to mobilise students across Europe to achieve positive host-refugee relations and better integration in our societies. view more

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