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Aleksandar Šušnjar

Aleksandar Šušnjar was born in Rijeka, Croatia in 1991. He holds a bachelor degree of philosophy and English language and literature and is currently a master student of philosophy and English language and literature – teaching track. Aleksandar has been an active student representative since 2012 and a president of the University of Rijeka Student Council and Croatian Student Council in two terms (2014-2016). He was a member of various committees and working bodies at the local and national level, most important of which are: National Working Group on Social Dimension, Commission for Student Accommodation, Commission for Drafting the Law on Student Organizing and Commission for Accreditation and Assessment of Study Programs. Aleksandar was also a participant in several quality assurance procedures, including internal and external audits and two HEI reaccreditation procedures.

Aleksandar Šušnjar

Executive Committee member

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