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Yulia Dobyshuk

Yulia Dobyshuk, originally from Belarus, holds a Master Degree of Communication Management. She is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the European Students’ Union, where her main field of work is Public Responsibility, Governance and Financing of Higher Education. Before the mandate in ESU Yulia has been actively involved in promoting student self-government in Belarusian universities, working on issues of the Bologna Process and defending students’ rights.

Formerly, she held the position of International Officer (from 2014 till 2016) and Chairperson (from 2016 till 2017) at Brotherhood of Organizers of Student Self-government (Minsk, Belarus). Her main areas of expertise are student participation, non-formal education and youth work in non-democratic societies.

At ESU, she is mainly working on:

  • Visa Policies
  • Combating commodification of Higher Education
  • Students’ learning at workplace
  • Multiple purposes of higher education
  • Involvement of students and teachers in decision-making bodies



Yulia Dobyshuk

Executive Committee member

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