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Elected Representatives

ESU Representatives

ESU has a democratic structure based on the primacy of its members – 45 national unions of students from 39 different countries across Europe (May 2016).  ESU’s highest governing body, the Board, meets twice a year and elects ESU’s representatives for a one year mandate, where each member country is given two votes.

ESU’s representative structure consists out of an elected Executive Committee (EC), whose work is supported by three coordinators, experts’ pools and working groups. Since 2014, ESU has had a working group on the post-2015 millenium development goals of the United Nations.

The daily work of the Executive Committee is supported by a professional Secretariat which consists of a Head of Secretariat, an Executive Assistant, a Communications Manager, Project Manager, a Project Officer and a Financial Officer, all based in Brussels. For more information on the Secretariat and how to contact ESU’s staff members, click here

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) consists out of a President, two Vice Presidents (together called ‘The Presidency’) and seven general members. The EC is responsible for steering and organising the organisation, both politically and financially, on a day-to-day basis. It is responsible for carrying out the decisions that are taken by the Board Meeting, ESU’s highest decision-making body, where all of its member unions participate.

The following people have been elected for ESU's Executive Committee from 2018 to 2019:

Adam Gajek


Katrina Koppel

Vice President

Robert Napier

Vice President

Daniel Altman

Executive Committee member

João Martins

Executive Committee member

Gohar Hovhannisyan

Executive Committee member

Monika Skadborg

Executive Committee member

Sebastian Berger

Executive Committee member

Ursa Leban

Executive Committee member

Yulia Dobyshuk

Executive Committee member

ESU's coordinators (appointed by the Executive Committee):

Robert Henthorn

Membership Coordinator

Hélène Mariaud

Equality Coordinator

Martina Darmanin

Human Rights and Solidarity Coordinator

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