December 2008
 Issue 8
Dear Friends,

The last two months have seen a flurry of activity at ESU HQ. The current executive committee held their first Board Meeting in such a capacity, we said goodbye to long standing volunteer and later project officer, Anthony Camilleri and student rights were consistently in the news, in ways both positive and negative.  The current financial crisis has caused budgetary restraint with knock on consequences for Higher Education funding, to which ESU is of course party.  Read more...
Disenfranchising Student Rights in Romania
ballot box
Students in Romania are being deprived of their democratic right to vote because of bureaucratic procedures recently imposed by the Romanian Government. The root of the problem lies in rules requiring people to be resident for three months in a locality in order to be eligible to vote, and in the renewal system for temporary residence permits only taking place once a year. This system means that a high proportion of students are not considered 'resident' in their centre of study, and are therefore ineligible to vote. More...
Taking Bologna Towards 2020
tarot cardsAs the current phase of the Bologna Process comes to an end in 2010, attention is focusing on how to continue the reform process into the next decade. With a view to making its views felt at the key decision-making forum of the Ministerial Conference in Leuven, Belgium, in April 2009, ESU has just launched a new policy paper to provide an analysis of the progress so far, and to outline the student perspective on the key priorities for the next stage.
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2009 - The Year of a Stronger Student Movement

2009ESU has launched its official Plan of Work (POW) for 2009, outlining a comrpehensive series of priorities to steer the organisation over the next 12 months. The 2009 POW is all about working 'For a Stronger Student Movement' and focuses on four main external priorities and a chapter on internal development.

ESU Gathers in Sofia
BM55 shotESU representatives from across Europe gathered in Sofia, Europe's second oldest city, for the 55th Board Meeting of the European Students' Union.  The week started with a 3- day seminar on student-centred learning, which, through a series of workshops, explored what this actually means for higher education and its institutions as a whole, and how ESU can ensure that this concept is placed at the very centre of all its external activities. 

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