February 2008
 Issue 2
Dear Friends,
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February has been a typically busy month for European Student Union representatives, with our volunteers present at an ever increasing number of external events and working hard on a host of projects. On top of this ordinary flurry of activity, ESU is excited to announce the launch of our European Commission funded Equity project which will span the next two years. More...
Will the Social Dimension be a Reality by 2010?

The social dimension has been a part of the Bologna process since the ministerial summit in Prague in 2001, when a student representative proposed the idea. This has ever since been one of the students main priorities, and has taken up a lot of ESUs work and efforts. We have seen the social dimension being strengthened in Bologna strategies in the summits following Prague. More...
In This Issue
Social Dimension by 2010?
Denmark Fights Fees
Gender in the Bologna Process
Equity Project Launched
Upcoming Events
March 13-17: 15th ESC, Ljubljana
April 21 & 22: EQF Conference
May 5-8: Seminar on Equity in HE
May 9-11: ESU Board Meeting
June 08: Lisbon Training, Brussels
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Erasmus Mundus: The Danish Case
danish post boxErasmus Mundus has been established in 2003 to enhance international cooperation and mobility not only within the EU, but also beyond. As such it is building on the experiences made with the EU mobility schemes ERASMUS and TEMPUS. Elements of the Erasmus Mundus program include the support of integrated master courses, scholarships for third-country nationals (i.e. students with citizenship outside the EU and candidate countries, EEA and EFTA), scholarships for EU students and scholars to spend a periods at a cooperating third country higher education institutions as well as activities to increase the attractiveness of European higher education systems. More...
Gender Aspects of the Bologna Process
As most of us know, the Bologna Process (BP) has brought to the public several aspects that have become part of our day to day lobby strategy: the Social dimension of Higher Education (financial support of students, affirmative action, advice and support, social service, counseling), mobility and three cycle structure and access. Each of these aspects has gender implications that impact on the general success of the implementation of the BP in Europe. More...
ESU Launches new Equity Project

On 1st February, ESU launched a new project, "Equity through E-learning" after a kick-off meeting in Brussels. Through this project, ESU intends to address one of the core problems faced by the student body today: that in all European countries a great number of groups in society that have the capabilities to start and complete a degree in higher education are excluded from doing so. More...
ESU joins HEXTLEARN consortium
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The use of ICT in Higher Education institution is spreading steadily in spite of the many doubts surrounding the quality of first generation eLearning approaches and applications, but the quality assurance of higher education only marginally addresses eLearning, while the strategic integration of ICT in teaching and learning is still more highlighted in the policy documents than on the daily practice of European Universities. More...
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