March 2008
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The European ministers of education asked the Bologna Follow-Up Group to come up with a concept for the development of the Bologna Process after 2010. Governments and consultative members, party to the Bologna Process (especially the students and the higher education institutions), are faced with the challenge of designing the relaunching of a process that has been shaping the higher education systems in Europe.More...
Involvement of Students in the Education & Training Program
woman with bagOne of the main priorities of ESU for the Lisbon strategy is an increased involvement of students. Although ESU is still not a part of the working groups, the Commission is recognising us as a stakeholder. This is reflected in the amount of invitations we receive for conferences and the nature of these invitations. When I started in CoCo, ESU was mainly invited as a spectator and now we are more often asked as a speaker. During the latest initiative of the Commission, the University-Business forum, Ms Rossella Iraci Cappucinello, member of the European Students' Union executive committee gave a speech during a panel on perspectives for the future.
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Gender and Mobility
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The EQAR Founding

The European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR) was established on the 4th of March 2008.
At the founding ceremony of the EQAR, the E4 presidents signed the statutes of the association. Commissioner Jan Figel from the European Commission and Vice-chair of the Bologna Follow-up Group, Germain Dondelinger, gave keynote speeches at the ceremony. All the speakers stressed the importance of the Register as a tool for transparency and mutual recognition in quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area. More...
What Does Gender Have to do With Mobility?
Students and staff mobility promotion program Erasmus celebrated its 20th birthday last year and has now entered a new phase. During this last period numerous statistics have been collected about mobile students. Among many other specific goals of the program there were also specific objectives laid out in relation to the promotion of gender equality. More...
Vienna & Budapest to Host 2010 Ministerial Conference with help of ESU
ESU is pleased to announce that there will be a special Ministerial summit in the spring of 2010 to mark the creation of the European Higher Education Area, as outlined in the Bologna process. The meeting will be held in both Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary) and will be organised by the Austrian and Hungarian governments in cooperation ESU, the European University Association (EUA) and the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE). This decision was reached at the recent meeting of the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) held in Brdo, Slovenia on 13-14 March 2008.
ESU Needs You
KeyholeThe Let's Go! Mobility Project is in full swing. ESU is delighted with the progress so far and with the response from our national members who have been busying themselves planning national campaigns along with the national teacher unions. We still need help though - the campaign website has a Wikipedia component which aims to become THE reference point for all topics related to staff & student mobility. We are filling this up over time and urge you to visit the wiki and write and edit articles on your areas of expertise. together we can create a living mobilty encyclopeadia.
Students Gather to Discuss Democracy
From 13th-17th March, ESU held its' 15th European Students' Convention. Close to 100 Student representatives from across Europe gathered in ljubljana to discuss 'Students For Democracy'. the outcomes of this conference were gathered in the 'Ljubljana Declaration'. Read about the conference and its' conclusions here
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