May 2008
 Issue 5
Dear Friends,
Koen Geven
As I am entering my last month of work in the European students' movement, I can happily say that where my story ends, many new stories are beginning. ESU has elected a new team, to be lead by Ligia Deca with whom I have already had the opportunity to work with for the past six months. With the new team, ESU's new working structures are coming into place with more elected representatives in Brussels. One innovation is the creation of a student union development committee that will actively support the formation and development of national unions of students. More...
An Introduction to New ESU Policy

ESU is pleased to announce that members recently amended and approved a number of policy papers presented to them by ESU elected representatives. These policy papers will help dictate ESU positions on the topics covered.
Four Policy Papers were adopted - Gender Equality, Excellence, The Future of Higher Education and Mobility. 
The policy paper on Gender Equality gives an interesting perspective on the work that the Gender Equality committee has achieved over the last 2 years, informing fellow elected reprsentatives and member organizations on not only the importance of gender equality but also on the best ways to implement it. More...
A New Generation
babyESU held it's 54th Board meeting in Brusno, Slovakia from May 9th-11th. Organised by Slovak's National Union, SRVS, 150 participants from our member unions spent three days deciding on the future of their umbrella organisation. Not least was the important matter of electing the future generation of volunteers who would represent ESU during 12 months starting in July this year. New structures passed at the 53rd Board Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania in December last year, meant that the new elected bodies would be significantly different, as you can read in this month's editorial.
In This Issue
New ESU Policy
A New Generation
Equity Seminar
EQF Conference
VM Base Project
"Let's GO!" Campaign Update
Upcoming Events
16th June: Concluding Partners' Meeting - EQF Project
18th&19th June: E-Learning WG Meeting & VM Base Student Seminar
27-30th June: Lisbon & Students Training
4th July: Lisbon & Students Dissemination Meeting

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ESU Reacts to Commission's new Erasmus Mundus Proposal

Erasmus Mundus is a cooperation and mobility program for European higher education. The official aim of the program is to enhance the quality of European higher education by fostering co-operation with third countries in order to improve the development of human resources and to promote dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures. The program should promote Europe as a centre of excellence in these third countries and thus enhance the attractiveness. The European Commission promotes Erasmus Mundus in the frame of the Bologna Process and the Lisbon Strategy. Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses are joint programs offered by a consortium of higher education institutions. More...
ESU Release Equality Handbook
Handbook Cover
Last week, ESU released its' equality handbook. This is an important publication exploring the notion of equality in Higher Education. In it, you can read results from a survey carried out on ESU members and learn about the situation as it is today in European Higher Education. The publication also offers advice on conducting campaigns and on where to go from here. Download the handbook
Equity Seminar a Resounding Success
The Equity Seminar held just prior to ESU's 54th Board meeting in Slovakia was a wonderful opportunity for ESU members to gather and discuss issues of equity and equality with their peers. Active participation in workshops was encouraged and participants were hugely satisfied with the outcomes of their work and discussions.More...

Toward a National Qualifications Framework
Last month we wrote about the Validation conference of the Towards a National Qualifications Framework' Project, from the 21st to the 22nd of April 2008, in Lake Bled, Slovenia.The results of this conference are now available, please follow the link to read a summary of these results &  Visit our project page to read More...
VM Base Project
ESU helps test online tools aiding Exchange Experiences
Through its participation in the VM-BASE project (, ESU is helping test a number of innovative ideas on using e-tools before, during and after their physical mobility experiences to help enhance the benefit gained from such experiences. A number of pilots are being tested by various institutions for their effectiveness in achieving these goals More...
Mobility Campaign Update
Lets go logo
It has been some 6 months since the European Wide Mobility Campaign "Lets Go!" took off. In many countries, National Coalitions of students and teachers unions have been created, plans to make mobility a reality on the national level and different actions for the campaign have been designed. Meetings with different stakeholders, seminars, presentations etc took place in different countries and much more will take place prior to the Validation Conference "Let's Go - Where now?" which will take place in Lille from 6-9 October.More...
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