October 2008
 Issue 7
Dear Friends,
The European Students' Union is gearing up for its 55th Board Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria next month. Close to 100 national student representatives will gather to review the last 6 months of ESU's work and to outline the priorities for the coming half year.

Ligia Deca will be attending her first Board Meeting as Chairperson and is looking forward to presenting the results of her work thus far: "During the course of the last few months, we have pushed through the student priorities in the Bologna Follow Up Group discussions and we are fighting to put student issues in the spotlight within the Bologna post-2010 framework. We have also made great strides into reestablishing regional student platforms working with the UN". Read more...
Shedding light on student rights
Lights on rights
ESU joined forces with OBESSU (Organising Burea of European School Student Unions) to launch a new campaign to promote the rights of school and university students at this year's European Social Forum. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and underline the importance of a legal framework allowing students across Europe to focus on their education.More...
ESU heading to Bulgaria for its next BM
ESU members will be converging on Bulgaria in the event of its 55th Board Meeting in Sofia in late November 2008.  This time, attention will turn to the issue of Student Centered Learning and specifically, the impact that this should have on all aspects of university life: from curricula to governance and from the size of the classrooms to pedagogy. Discussions will focus on how to increase student participation, so that it goes beyond just voting in general elections, as well as on how to ensure that students are seen as full partners in quality evaluations, social activities, university referenda, teaching and so on.
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ESU shedding light
ESU heading to Bulgaria
Mobility milestone
ESU stands up
QA in Romania
Upcoming Events

24th-27th Nov: ESU Student Centred Learning Seminar, Sofia
28th-30th Nov: 55th Board Meeting, Sofia
15th-17th Feb: 17th European Student's Convention, Prague
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ESU reaches a mobility milestone in Lille

Let's GoESU celebrated a year of achievements with a highly successful validation conference to mark the culmination of its 'Let's Go' mobility campaign with Education International.  Delegates from across Europe and including representatives from the European Commission gathered at the Lille 3 university on 6th and 7th October to assess the progress made over the last twelve months and to define the aims and shape a strategy for taking the campaign forward for the future. More...
ESU stands up against Italian education reforms
Italian demo
European Students' Union (ESU) and OBESSU, the Organising Bureau of European School Students Unions, would like to express their strong support to the current students' movement in Italy which sees our Italian Member Organisations Unione Degli Unisversitari (UDU) and Unione Degli Studenti (UDS) as some of the main actors.

Today (October 29th), the Italian Parliament approved the law "DL 137" from the Minister of Education Gelmini. The law plans over € 8 billion of cuts from the education budget, a measure which will dramatically reduce the quality of public schools and will favour private schools.More...
ESU evaluates Quality Assurance in Romania

ESU has taken a major step into the world of quality assurance by completing an evaluation of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance (QA) in higher education, ARACIS, which was established in 2005 to take forward the work begun by its predecessor, the CNEAA.

The evaluation was carried out between June-September 2008 by three student experts nominated by ESU: More...
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