The Monthly Newsletter of the European Students' Union
August 2010
 Issue 26
ESU calls on EU Parliament to reverse budget cut proposals
"Given the strong push from the European Commission to raise the chances for young learners to go abroad, and the adoption by the Council of the the flagship initiative 'Youth on the Move', this proposal comes as a setback to all European students" says ESU Chairperson Bert Vandenkendelaere.

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Bologna reform too slow in first EHEA semester
Robert Santa"Problems with getting studies recognised across borders or receiving a diploma supplement free of charge in an international language are not yet solved. These are basic issues, but for students, the problems impact the capacity to function in a unified European Higher Education Area", says Robert Santa, ESU Executive Committee member.

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Mobility fund could create more student exchange
The EU's Youth on the Move initiative will be launched on September 15. For real impact to happen, ESU suggests a European-wide mobility fund.

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ESU publishes activity report for 2009
ESU activity report 2009Contains highlights such as the target of 20 per cent mobile students by 2020, Bologna With Student Eyes, student participation at the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education, and more.

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The International Year of Youth has begun
The United Nation's International Year of Youth started on the International Day of Youth (August 12). "Students and youth in general are a crucial part of every community and deserve an investment into their personal learning paths to become active citizens," says ESU Chairperson Bert Vandenkendelaere.

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Statement on privatisation of higher education in Zimbabwe
ESU strongly supports Zimbabwean students who stand up for their rights to free education in a situation where social support services hardly exist, failing to provide equal opportunities for everyone to study, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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Call for ESU web site developer
The European Students' Union  (ESU) is considering renewing its web site, and is issuing a call for a company to perform the upgrade.

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In This Issue
EU budget cuts
Slow Bologna reform
Mobility fund
ESU activity report 2009
International youth year
Education privatisation in Zimbabwe
Call for web developer
Upcoming ESU Events
September 15-17: Student centered learning training, Bratislava

October 15-17: ESC 20/Student centered learning stakeholders' forum

October 31 - November 6: BM 59 and seminar, Israel

November 19-21: European Quality Assurance Forum, Lyon
ESU in the media
Christian Science Monitor: European students protest US-style 'capitalist education'

Romania debate platform for education at the European level
HE News in Brief
THE: Give and take on national student-charter agenda

Euractiv: 2020 education targets: Poland aims high

Estonia: Student Union to Sue State over loans

UWN: France: Students face sharp cost increases

Euractiv: EU Education goals, a mixed picture in Eastern Europe

Jerusalem Post: 7.5 b. for higher education budget
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