The Monthly Newsletter of the European Students' Union
March 2010
 Issue 22
Youth demand education targets back in EU 2020 strategy
ESU reaction to Commission EU 2020 strategyEuropean youth and student organisations are concerned after poverty and education targets seem to have been dropped from the European Union's discussion on the 'Europe 2020 Strategy for sustainable growth and jobs'. The organisations urge EU leaders to bring these targets back when the European Council meets again to discuss the Strategy in June.

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Belgian students fight for study cost reduction

FEF demonstration in Brussels

"Everybody knows that the cost of studying is too high for most students. It is time for the government to honour their promises to reduce the costs, says Nic Görtz, secretary general of FEF, the Federation of Francophone students in Belgium.

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Education ministers adopt new Bologna process declaration
"It is positive that the ministers specify underrepresented groups as a priority when trying to provide more equal opportunities in higher education", says Ligia Deca, ESU Chairperson, in a reaction to the Vienna/Budapest declaration following the 7th Bologna Process ministerial conference.

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The students' account of the Bologna Process

Bologna at the Finish LineIf you want to know the ESU members' view on the Bologna Process in detail, check out Bologna at the Finish Line, ESU's latest publication. If you want a quick students' view on the process, see the ESU documentary Faces of Bologna (less than 15 minutes).

Student participation key to Bologna implementation

European Student Summit"Full student participation in all decision-making structures at national, regional and institutional levels." This was one of the calls from student representatives from across Europe, who at an ESU conference adopted a declaration addressed to the European education ministers.

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ESUseminar will deal with higher education funding

The seminar precedes ESU's 58th Board Meeting, and is titled 'Public funding and social dimension of higher education: investing into the future or borrowing from it?'

At the Board Meeting itself, ESU members will discuss topics such as the EU 2020 strategy and the social dimension of higher education. The members will also elect a new ESU chairperson and executive committee.

ESU launches Equity e-learning platform
Try ESU's new e-learning platform here.

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EU 2020 strategy
Belgian students protest
Education ministers' declaration
ESU publication and documentary
Student declaration
ESU Board Meeting
Equity e-learning platform
Upcoming ESU Events
May 3-8: Board Meeting 58 and seminar, Madrid

May 20-23: Student centered learning project conference, Bucharest

November 19-21: European Quality Assurance Forum, Lyon
ESU in the Media
European Voice: Reform process enters new phase

University World News: students protest at Bologna's 10th year

UWN: Recognising the social dimension

UWN: Urgent need for reform

UWN: No time for celebration

Insiter: ESU criticises Bloogna process
HE News in Brief
EU leaders delay deal on '2020' targets

U.S: Students protest cuts to higher-education funds
Interesting bits from elsewhere
For a Budapest/Vienna ministerial conference overview, see this Bologna Secretariat web page.

Read the GlobalHigherED blog's comments on ESU and other actors at the Bologna anniversary

Read news from the European University Association (EUA) here.
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