The Monthly Newsletter of the European Students' Union
November 2010
 Issue 29
ESU puts forward suggestions to EU Youth on the Move card
"The EU should support existing student and youth cards," says ESU Chairperson Bert Vandenkendelaere. ESU suggests that the envisaged Youth on the Move card be a label that could further enhance the existing cards in providing help and support for students all over Europe.
Higher education financing is main priority for ESU in 2011
ESU will work to reverse the severe cuts in higher education budgets across Europe.

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Roma becomes first European to win Student Peace Prize
The Student Peace Prize 2011 is awarded to the 36-year-old teacher education student Dusko Kostic, for his efforts to improve conditions for the Roma in Croatia.

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ESU elects new representatives
New representatives in the committees for Internal Development, Social Affairs and Student Union Development were elected to ESU at the 59th Board Meeting in Israel on November 3-5.

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November 17: International students' day 2010
"The battlefield has changed but it is still about the right of students to speak out and the right to education," said ESU Chairperson Bert Vandenkendelaere.

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In This Issue
EU youth card
Financing main ESU priority in 2011
Roma wins student peace prize
New ESU representatives
Interntational Students' Day
Upcoming ESU Events
February 14-17: 21st European Student Convention, Budapest
HE News in Brief
Irish Times: 55 000 protest against fees

Guardian: Fees study challenges claim that changes are progressive

UWN: 44 million students in 10 years

THE: Higher study's social benefits back case for state funding

UWN: Universities want role on Africa-EU political agenda
Interesting bits from elsewhere
Read about the European Youth Forum president and board for 2010-2011
European Quality Assurance Forum
"This year's forum had the best student contributions ever", ESU Vice-Chairperson Allan Pall said after the 5th European Quality Assurance Forum in Lyon.

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