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January 2011
 Issue 31

European countries unite in battle against Belarus 

OSLO - In response to letters from the European Students' Union (ESU), the Norwegian ministry of Education intends to issue a joint statement with ten other Northern European countries in which they express their common concern about the violation of academic freedom in Belarus. So far, Estonia, Denmark and Lithuania already confirmed their participation.

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Commission launches debate on EU student loans

BRUSSELS - One of the hot topics for discussion in the higher education policy debate in 2011, is the possibility of an EU loan scheme which aims to improve the mobility of students. As higher education policy is still mainly a national competence and EU-wide targets are predominantly implemented on the national level, the European Commission now wants to test out the feasibility of redefining their approach, by offering students direct loans from the EU level.

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ESU targets lack of student involvement with quality assurance project 'QUEST'

BRUSSELS - At the moment, there are several policy instruments in place that support improvements of 
the quality of higher education on an ongoing basis. However, according to the European Students' Union (ESU), there is still a clear lack of true student involvement in this area. The recently started ESU project dubbed 'QUEST' intends to change this.

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"Member states leave students out of national EU 2020 debates" 

BRUSSELS -  As part of the EU 2020 Strategy all member states drafted new national reform programmes outlining how they intend to reach the national targets by 2020. Despite the promise of a transparent and public debate that was suppose to surround these reform programmes, the European Students' Union (ESU) fears that key stakeholders in education, such as national unions of students, have been left out.

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Winner Student Peace Prize honored with ceremony on 18 February

OSLO - Croatian student Dusko Kostić, the winner of the Student Peace Prize 2011, will be honored with a ceremony on 18 February in Trondheim, Norway. According to the Chairperson of the European Students' Union, Bert Vandenkendelaere: "Kostic and his work highlight two important issues. The first is that education is crucial for groups who are trying to overcome discrimination and social exclusion. The second is the extraordinary role that students can play in changing their societies."

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European countries unite in battle against Belarus
Commission launches debate on EU student loans
ESU targets lack of student involvement in quality assurance
"Member states leave students out of national EU 2020 debates"
Winner Student Peace Prize 2011

Upcoming ESU Events 

February 14-17: 21st European Student Convention, Budapest, Hungary


May 2-7: Board Meeting 60, Tallinn, Estonia

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Other education events

Berlin, 14 March 2011 - Bologna-Seminar: "The European Dimension of Quality Assurance   


Oslo, 27-29 June 2011, CoE conference 'Reimagining democratic societies'

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