The European Students' Union monthly newsletter 
Issue: ESC30,
Brussels, 2015

Dear readers,

The aim of this issue if to keep you updated on the 30th European Students' Convention as well as to provide an overview of the topics discussed during the three-day event.

The general aim of the convention was to provide a better understanding of the agenda after the Yerevan ministerial conference, mainly on the priority on Student-Centred Learning and the European Union as a political actor. We hope you had the chance to improve your knowledge on the latest developments and to network with professionals in the field of higher education. 
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We wish you a pleasant reading!
Fernando Galan
Chairperson European Students' Union
ESC30 News
Tibor Navracsics encourages students and higher education to lead the way in promoting solidarity
BRUSSELS - The European Students' Union welcomes Mr. Tibor Navracsics' support for quality education and student-centered learning.  In light of Europe's refugee crisis, rapid technological developments and rising xenophobia and extremism, students across Europe stress the need for student-centered, quality education for all. It is now visible that education has been at the roots of many issues people are facing today and that higher education should empower citizens to shape the future they want to live in. This cannot be done without having inclusive and accessible education for students from diverse, backgrounds, including refugees. Free and open education is an investment in the future, but even more so in the future of human rights and democracy. 
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Integrating refugees and migrants in Europe: the role of education [Discourse - Tibor Navracsics]
[...]Education can help us forge a path towards a fulfilling life - both in a professional and in a social senseIt has a crucial role in fostering intercultural dialogue and preventing exclusion and radicalisation. But in order to unlock its fullpotential, we need a shift in pedagogical approaches: Education needs to become more inclusive, to focus more on individual needs and promote student-centred approaches to learning.
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Therese Comodini Cachia: "Students have a say in the development of today's policies"
Therese COMODINI CACHIA addressed students at the 30th European Students' Convention, which took place at the European Parliament on 28 September 2015, Brussels. For more information, please see the video and the full text.
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Time to place students at the heart of learning and foster an inclusive society in Europe
BRUSSELS - How can Europe improve teaching and learning? What are the effects of European higher education reforms on students across Europe and how can we promote and value again active citizenship, intercultural understanding and human rights education?
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