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ESU strongly condemns Turkey's purge of the academic community
BRUSSELS - Following the failed coup attempt, the Turkish authorities extended their repressions to the education sector, suspending more than 15,000 employees of the education ministry, from teachers and administrators to university professors. In addition, more than 1,500 university deans have also been ordered to resign by the state-run higher education council (YÖK).
Students and teachers' unions call for education to be carved out from global trade agreements
With the 14th Round of negotiations commencing between the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), Education International (EI) and the European Students' Union (ESU) urge governments in Europe, the United States,  and beyond, to explicitly carve-out education from global trade agreements such as the TTIP, the Trade in Services Agreement and the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.
Call for participants: Study Session "Student leaders for human rights, democracy and peace"
Join the study session for student representatives in Europe on human rights, democracy, peace-building, global student solidarity and equity in higher education with special focus on Eastern Partnership Countries.
ESU at CoE Seminar on integration of Syrian refugees in the European Higher Education 
ESU was represented by our Executive Committee member, Chiara Patricolo at the Seminar on integration of Syrian refugees in the European Higher Education system, which took place in Strasbourg between 11th to the 16th of July.  The event was organised by the Council of Europe together with the Global Platform for Syrian Students and Kiron - Open Higher Education and Voice of Young Refugees in Europe. 
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Meet our new elected representatives and coordinators
After the 70th Board Meeting in Bergen, Norway our members elected 7 new Executive Committee Members and the Presidency, consisting of 2 Vice Presidents and one President. In addition, 3 Coordinators were appointed to deal with issues such as human rights, membership and equality. To know more about them, we prepared a list of short biographies so that anyone interested can have more insight to their education and experience in the student movement. A warm welcome to all of them! 
A joint vision for Secondary and Higher Education for All in Europe
BRUSSELS - Together, Education International (EI), the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU), and the European Students' Union (ESU) are targeting their members and partners through a joint action programme aimed at advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted last year by the United Nations. 
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Call for Communications Intern 
The European Students' Union is looking for a creative and dynamic team player to fill the position of Communications Intern at its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. 
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Project News
SciChallenge mid-term review
On 8 July, SciChallenge consortium underwent a mid-term review at the Research Executive Agency in Brussels. We are glad to announce that the feedback was very positive and we are looking forward to launching the next phases of the project.
The SciChallenge project will develop novel concepts to inspire young people to work with science, scientific methods and insights. It is using a contest-based approach to encourage self-produced digital education materials by young people for young people. The project is driven by inspiring topic sheets, guides and toolkits that are created in this project and distributed to  partner schools, teachers and other youth-oriented institutions as well as through various social media channels.
For more information, please consult www. 
Members' News
CREUP: Students celebrate the unification of the Erasmus programme, but they consider it insufficient
CREUP, the Spanish National Student Union (NUS), celebrates the withdrawal of the programme, as well as the creation of a single framework of European mobility grants. This implies the withdrawal of the languages requirement, as well as broadening the funded months from 5 to 7.
BOSS (Candidate member): The Bologna informational campaign was launched in Belarus
 The informational campaign regarding the Bologna process and its
implementation was  launched in Belarus in June. The series of video episodes from unknown character - Mr Bologn, appeared in Youtube. From the videos Mr Bologn was explaining the essence of the Bologna process. The information was addressed specially to Belorussian viewers.
LIS: A controversial bill and social media
For years students in Iceland have had vested interest in the construction and functions of the Icelandic student loan fund (LÍN). The fund has often been a center of debate and, in fact, it was the reason behind the creation of our national union. In May, our Minister of Education, Illugi Gunnarsson, presented a new and highly anticipated bill, which had the purpose of reforming the fund. Many shared their opinions on social media and soon a very active conversation started on Twitter with the hash tag #LÍNFrumvarp.
ANOSR: Students lobby for better integration of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in HE
The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) expresses dissatisfaction about not including any measure that includes specific actions related to the integration of young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in higher education in "The Integrated Package to combat poverty" launched by the Romanian Government.
Top quality support for local Student Unions - PSRP Online Library
Website of Students Parliament of Republic of Poland is not only providing recent information about work of student representatives, but also is full of publications, part of them are located in Online Library of PSRP. It's a part of a project aiming at delivering top quality materials for training new and developing other student activists and representatives.
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Quality of Career Services in Higher Education (QAREER)