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Welcome to ESU's QA Student Experts Pool

This page provides a collection of resources and training materials that enable members of the European Students’ Union (ESU) Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance (QA) to carry out their duties, student representatives to participate in tasks relating to higher education quality, and students to improve their learning experiences.

It is often beneficial for staff members of organisations concerned with higher education quality to recognize students’ positions in these processes. 

In 2009, the European Students’ Union (ESU) established a pool of committed and well-prepared students who aim to improve higher education provision in Europe through quality assurance procedures.

The establishment of this pool is how ESU promotes and develops student participation in quality assurance all over Europe. The pool is renewed once a year and has an independent Steering Committee, which launches the calls and selects the applicants based on public criteria.

ESU organises study sessions, workshops and other events for pool members where they are trained.

The pool brings together students from all parts of Europe, their experience and knowledge, and an excellent forum for debating, sharing views and learning about quality assurance.

These students contribute to the ESU policymaking process, act as multipliers agents in their respective countries, collaborate in several projects, participate in Quality Assurance reviews, etc.

There are over 90 students in ESU’s Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance (QA Pool), allowing them to participate in various events, trainings and quality assurance and enhancement provisions. Members of the pool are being annually recruited usually starting from the end of May/beginning of June with an open call issued at  

Following is a list of people that were selected as members of the QA Pool in July 2020:

Maria-Giovanna LotitoItaly
Dale WhelehanIreland
Adrian Tudor StanRomania
Francisco Joaquin Jimenez GonzalezSpain
Yolanda Trujillo AdriáSpain
Salome DzagnidzeEstonia
Simon KintoppAustria
Jana KoblerSwitzerland
Sebastian NeufeldGermany
Philipp SchulzGermany
Damian MichalikPoland
Patrick NiebergallGermany
Michał GoszczyńskiPoland
Pedro Torralbo MuñozEspaña
Irina DumaRomania
Laura RitterGermany
Miranda HarmerUnited Kingdom
Damir SolakCzechia
Diego José Sánchez MartínSpain
Albert Gili MorenoSpain
Alexandra-Simona ZamfirRomania
Iuliu Gabriel CocuzRomania
Jakub GrodeckiPoland
Viger CharlesFrance
Dāvis FreidenfeldsLatvia
Santa Katrīna MeikališaLatvia
Thomas BachGermany
Adrian KorzeniowskiPoland
Beatriz Atienza CarbonellSpain
Joshua WeygantGermany
Mirela – Larisa MateiRomania
Ruben JanssensBelgium
Jakub BakonyiPoland
Cleo Victoria MatthiesGermany
Gvantsa DzidziguriGeorgia
Natália MulinováSlovak Republic
Elsa CassarMalta
Khrystyna FranchukUkraine
Topias TolonenFinland
Muhammed İyisanTurkey
Amalia ChrysostomouCyprus
Gerieke PrinsThe Netherlands
Aimée OverhofThe Netherlands
Isidora CvetkovskaThe Netherlands
Irina KarabutovaRussia
Jelke TakeNetherlands
Pegi PavletićCroatia
Marine RibalsFrance
Emma Louise Mendez CorreaNetherlands
Anahit KarapetyanArmenia
Oleg TsapkoRussia
Mariami ShaishmelashviliGeorgia
Cristina LongoItaly
Cameron KeighronIreland
Elena ŠtefancováSlovakia
Diana Vieira OliveiraPortugal
Elijah AlajeRepublic of Ireland
Jasmin GebhardGermany
Marcel TarbierSweden
Rikst Maria Catharina van der SchoorThe Netherlands
Tinatin GvadzabiaGeorgia
Alexandru Constantin IliescuRomania
Cristi PopescuRomânia
Constantin Joshua DerbitzGermany
Horia-Șerban OnitaRomania
Ana DuplavaRomania
Alicia Presencio HerreroSpain
Corijn LarsBelgium
Aleyna Feraye YilmazTurkey
Robert RabackDeutschland
Panourgias PapaioannouFinland
Beatriz AbreuPortugal
Hendrik KleinAustria (and Germany)
Giorgos LonginosCyprus
Julien DocheFrance
Enrico PulieriItaly
Biba BeckerNederland
Callaghan CommonsIreland
Seán SmythIreland
Molly KennyIreland
Christopher BohlensGermany
Gohar HovhannisyanArmenia 
Nina de WinterNetherlands 
Liv Theresa MuthGermany
Anna KlampferAustria
Aleksandar SusnjarCroatia

The ESU Student Experts’ Pool on Quality Assurance has been established to promote student engagement in quality assurance and to contribute to the improvement of higher education provision in the European Higher Education Area.


Thus, pool members are expected to:

  • share their own experience on quality assurance,
  • discuss topics on QA and/or student involvement,
  • act as multiplier agent at their respective countries,
  • disseminate articles or any other documents related to QA at national or international level,
  • contribute to preparation of the meetings and training sessions,
  • give feedback to studies or other requests, such an ESU policy paper,
  • inform the pool about any QA-related event at international level,
  • promote the ESU student experts’ pool on quality assurance,
  • identifying themselves as members of this pool,
  • foster student participation in quality assurance

Benefits for being a member of QA Pool:

  • learning about European higher education
  • Involvement in quality assurance processes at programme, institutional, national and international levels (e.g. evaluations of institutions and quality assurance agencies)
  • Opportunities to represent the pool to external events and governing bodies, such as the steering committee of the European Quality Assurance Forum
  • possibilities for networking
  • opportunity to participate in specially designed trainings for reviewers
  • opportunity to develop communication skills, etc.

Tasks and responsibilities that can be expected from QA Pool members:

  • share their own experience on quality assurance;
  • discuss topics on quality assurance and/or student involvement;
  • act as multiplier agent at their respective countries;
  • participate in reviews;
  • disseminate articles or any other documents related to quality assurance at national or international level;
  • contribute to preparation of the meetings and training sessions;
  • give feedback to studies or other requests, such an ESU policy paper;
  • inform the pool about any quality assurance-related event at international level;
  • promote the ESU student experts’ pool on quality assurance;
  • identifying themselves as members of this pool;
  • foster student participation in quality assurance.

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The Pool of Student Experts in Quality Assurance is a group of well prepared and experienced student-experts who take part in quality assurance processes in Higher Education Institutions all over Europe.

Our  Steering Committee

ESU’s Student Experts’ Pool on Quality Assurance is supported by a group of dedicated students –  the Steering Committee, who is responsible for launching calls for new members and overseeing the pool’s work.

The group consists of five individuals, out of which two are members of ESU’s Executive Committee. The other three are being selected annually from the pool members, with an internal call being issued by the end of January/beginning of February.

The following members are appointed for the Steering Committee:

Please, contact the pool via [email protected]

Contact our Steering Committee

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