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Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool

Welcome to the Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool

This page contains a set of resources and training materials that allow members of the European Students’ Union (ESU) Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance (QA) to perform their role, student representatives to engage in activities related to the quality of higher education and enhances the student learning experience. It is also useful to staff members of institutions that deal with quality assurance of higher education to understand students’ roles in these processes.

About the QA Experts Pool

In 2009, the European Students’ Union (ESU) established a pool of committed and well-prepared students who aim to contribute to improve higher education provision in Europe through quality assurance procedures.

The establishment of this pool is a way how ESU is promoting and developing student participation in quality assurance all over Europe. The pool is renewed once a year and has an independent Steering Committee, which launches the calls and selects the applicants based on public criteria.

ESU organises study sessions, workshops and other events for pool members where they are trained.

The pool brings together students from all parts of Europe, their experience and knowledge, and it is an excellent forum for debating, sharing views and learning about quality assurance.

These students contribute to ESU policy making process, act as multipliers agents in their respective countries, collaborate in several projects, participate in Quality Assurance reviews, etc.

You can contact the Steering Committee of the quality assurance pool at

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